To contribute to a sustainable and peaceful global community with our pursuit of more efficient power transmission and enhanced signal transmission

Our role in the society is like blood vessels and nerves in the human body. When our blood vessels are blocked or our nerves fail to send signals properly from the brain to organs, our body will have problems functioning. Similarly, when conductors(wires) are not transmitting power and electrical signals properly, many social activities will come to a halt. Our work may be taken for granted when the world is functioning well, but that is only because we are the unsung heroes supporting the society in the background.

We also actively help to build a sustainable society with our developments and production of PV ribbons used in solar panels and tab leads used in lithium batteries of electric vehicles(EV).

We proud ourselves in our efforts in creating a better world with our global businesses based on our values – “peace” is a part of our mission.


A special conductor manufacturer that contributes to the global community with the best quality and top-class development expertise

Since our founding, we have aimed to continuously enhance our product quality.

Not only do we strive to satisfy customers with product functions they want, but also to provide stable supply of products that contribute to their factory productivity.

We always endeavor to develop “conductors never seen before”, with technologies such as:
Wiredrawing technology for making ultra-fine wires
Rolling technology for producing flat wires with high rolling ratios
Surface treatment technologies for adding special functions

With these technologies, we have a wide line-up of core products, including ultra-fine wires for medical device, PV ribbons for solar panels, tab leads for lithium batteries etc.

With our long years of experience and dedicated staff, we aim to further better our product quality and development expertise and become the NO. 1 special conductor manufacturer in the world.


Our Important Values


  • Pursue our own happiness and the welfare of all stakeholders
  • Keep yearning for self-actualization


  • Work fairly and justly and with transparency
  • Be a fair and just company worth working for
  • Create a society that recognizes fair and just people and businesses
  • Be loyal to our purpose and share it with our peers
  • Discuss and evaluate based on facts

Act as Global Citizens

  • Be open to diversified values and able to communicate and realize these values
  • Working for ourselves, our peers, our community and our world

Open-Minded and Innovative

  • Enjoy work with passion
  • Use imagination and creativity to create something NEW
  • Don’t be afraid to fail and keep on challenging
  • Be a pioneer and be proud of taking the initiative