Ever since its founding in 1955, MISUZU has progressed through the manufacture of electrical wire conductors.
It is our great achievement that we have continued for over 60 years with the spirit of challenging things that
other companies cannot do. Our future vision is to contribute to the global community as a ‘glocal’ company.

I use the phrase ‘global community’ out of the desire to cherish mutual networks and make contributions
to the countries we operate in without being confined by the national boundaries of each.
I want to demonstrate that even a small enterprise like ourselves can conduct global operations
if it holds a broad perspective.

In future, an important element in ‘contributing to the global community’ will be to
continue developing and innovating new products and businesses.
We are also committed to building a company that nurtures human resources who can flexibly
respond to the greatly changing external environment and motivates its employees at
business hubs throughout the world to grow together with the company.

Masaya Suzuki
President and CEO