Business Lines

Responding to the needs of society
with industry-leading technological capability.

Our work begins from listening to the voices of users.
We identify performance requirements and make high-level products (conductors) according to the uses and environments of use of wires.
In over 60 years since founding, our technological development capability has progressed together with advances in user technologies.
MISUZU group will continue to make contributions to society through developing competitive products based on the technology base we have built so far.

Flat Ribbon Conductor

It is a conductor that realizes thin space saving while miniaturization and weight reduction related to digital equipment are progressing. We firmly convey important information as a wide flat line (high rolling ratio) for automotive airbacks from home appliances.

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PV Ribbon for Solar Panel

We will pursue new innovations and stable high quality to improve the output and reliability of solar panels.

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Ultra fine wire (0.05mm or less)

MISUZU, a pioneer of ultra fine wire in Japan.
We suggest the most suitable copper material and plating type for your particular application.

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Single conductor (above 0.05mm)

Our conductors fulfill a major role in high-tech equipment such as cutting-edge

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Stranded conductors

It is a flexible conductor that moves the hands and feet of computer-related and industrial robots.
It boasts outstanding durability even in harsh environments.

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Tab Leads for Lithium-ion Batteries

The Misuzu Group's tab leads for lithium batteries achieve high-quality and stable production through day-to-day production innovations to improve the quality and reliability of lithium batteries.

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Electroplated Wires

We research and supply plated wire for use in all sorts of environments, for example, tin plating for preventing oxidation of conductors at ordinary temperature, nickel plating that is strong in hot and humid environments, and silver plating for enhanced conductivity and solderability, and so on.

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We supply a wide range of products to major Japanese industrial equipment and household electrical equipment manufacturers.

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Overseas Bases

Linking, Conveying, Leading.
Moving Forwards
MISUZU will always challenge
for a bigger stage.

MISUZU products are living by your side.

Take, for example, the media, PC, or smartphone on which you are viewing this homepage.
MISUZU Group develops and manufactures wire conductors that are used in all kinds of electrical products.