We continue to innovate and emphasize on high product quality to improve power generation and long-term reliability of solar panel.

Rolling Technology

Our PV Ribbon for solar panels uses a unique rolling technology to improve the plating appearance and prevent damages to solar cells and solar panel.

Slitting method (Left) vs Rolling method (Right). Rolling method can avoid burr, which could potentially damage the encapsulation layer.

Non-flux Process

By not using flux in our plating process, not only we can accomplish an environmentally friendly production process, but we also reduce the risk of chlorine residuals and contamination, which is a potential hazard in the long-term liability of Solar Panels. In addition, non-flux PV ribbon has a characteristic of low yield-strength, which contribute to excellent adhesion to Solar cell, and lower the risk of Solar cell from cracking during production.

Various Process Technology

We commit to assist in all kind of product development of customer through our various process technology such as lamination (FPC insulation busbar) forming grooving structures (Light diffusion PV Ribbon), hole-punching, to creating unique and precise shapes for PV Ribbon.

Product of various process technology

Globally located Facilities

We support your supply-chain localization with our world-wide production / service facilities, including Japan, ASEAN, Europe, Taiwan, and China.