Light Diffusion PV Ribbon with high light-reflectivity that increases power generation of Solar Panel

Our Light Diffusion PV Ribbon is created by combination of our rolling and plating technology, which results in highly accurate grooving structure and high reflective rate of light. Light Diffusion PV Ribbon reflects and steers the incoming sunlight back on to the solar cell surface to achieve the increase in the amount of Solar Panel power generation. Light Diffusion PV Ribbon achieves light reflectivity of 88% or higher, increasing power generation of solar panel by more than 2%.


Light Diffusion PV Ribbon

Product sizeThickness: 0.100–0.400 mm
Width: 0.400–2.000 mm
Type of Base materialTPC
Plating materialAg
Mechanical propertiesElongation: 25% or more
Tensile strength: 200–280 MPa
Yield Strength value: below 90 MPa
Reflectivity: 88% or more
SpoolP5R Bobbin (5kg)
DIN160 (8Kg)
P10 Bobbin (10kg)

Customized specifications are available upon customer’s request