Our Busbar PV Ribbon are produced with rolling technology instead of slitting to prevent burrs on the copper wire.
By plating on copper wire without burrs, it maintains excellent solder surface and does not damage the insulating sheet during insulation processing.
For solder, we offer not only regular Sn-Pb solder, but also environmentally friendly lead-free solder Sn-Ag-Cu.


Left: Defective burrs that often occur during slitting process. → Right: MISUZU unique rolling process solves this problems.


Busbar PV Ribbon

Product sizeThickness: 0.070–0.500 mm
Width: 3.000–6.000 mm
Type of Base materialOFC, TPC
Plating materialSn-Pb
Sn-Ag-Cu Lead-free Solder
Mechanical propertiesElongation: 25% or more
Tensile strength: 200–280 Mpa
Typical spoolsP5R Bobbin (5kg)
DIN160 (8Kg)
P10 Bobbin (10kg)
PR400 (4Kg) Record Reel
DP25 Bobbin (25kg)

Customized specifications are available upon customer’s request