Tab leads for lithium-ion batteries of the MISUZU Group

Achieve high-quality and stable production through day-to-day production innovation.
Improves the quality and reliability of lithium-ion batteries.

High-quality nickel plate technology

“Nickel-plated copper foil”, with high-performance equipment and uniform and high-quality nickel plating on copper foil, provides a tab lead that is less resistant to conductors and less heat-resistant than pure nickel foil.

High-performance surface treatment technology

High-quality, uniform special surface treatment for conductors improves adhesion between conductors and resins, prevents leakage of pouch-type lithium-ion batteries, and improves sealing reliability.
Examples of conductors that can be special surface-plated: nickel-plated copper foil, aluminum foil, pure nickel foil, etc.

High-difficulty, high-quality rolling technology

By rolling copper wire, aluminum wire, and pure nickel wire at a high magnification, burr does not come out like slit processing.
By using the “Barriless Conductor”, leakage prevention by burding of the tab lead is realized.
Applications: Pouch lithium-ion batteries: smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc.

(Left) Slie processing (Right) Rolling processing

Reduction of metal foreign materials

High-performance cleaning equipment reduces metal foreign materials during the manufacturing process.
In addition, we perform thorough management with high-performance analytical instruments.

Applications for clad materials applications

As an alternative to clad materials such as Ni/Cu/Ni, “High-performance nickel-plated copper foil” can be applied as a tab lead for cylindrical and square lithium-ion batteries.